Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New 2011 Designs!!

American Fender Art is proud to announce a handful of designs for 2011!
We have received an awesome response from happy customers this past year and would like give a peek into the newest designs ringing in the New Year.

Shown here are the "Prowling Cougar" fender ornament in chrome....for all those ladies on the look out for young meat.  Also available soon will be the "Cougar Head" helmet ornament, shown in wax.
Next we have the Cairns New Yorker style Fire Helmet fender ornament in chrome, Wizard fender ornament, Witch fender ornament, Wild Horse fender ornament, and the Demented Clown fender/helmet ornament....all shown in the wax prototype stage.  These will all be cast in resin soon and chrome painted.
Every item you see here will be on sale in our Big Cartel store very soon @
Or if you would like to pre-order please give us a call toll free at 1800-373-9837 to place your order.  We accept all major credit cards, and will accept PayPal payments to ship world wide.